All other services stated below offered by BPTrade add value and integrate into our comprehensive full-service of our solutions.

BPTrade provides effective architected Web solutions with high quality custom professional content, creative imagery, and robust underlying programming utilizing, PHP, HTML5, JAVA, ASP.NET technologies, plus others. The combination of these components makes us unique within this industry. We pride ourselves in our understanding of information technology balanced with our artistic craftsmanship and delivered with high regard for customer service. The result is your assured satisfaction in our Web design solutions and products.

Our customized Web solutions are based completely on our clients' unique requirements, business processes or nature of business. Whether you require a new site or the renewal of an existing one, we work with you in partnership, analyzing your business requirements, identifying opportunities, making recommendations and developing a Web presence that is exactly what you need or desire. We thoroughly communicate with you throughout the development process so you know exactly what to expect and therefore have full control over the final product. Our development process is summarized below.

BPTrade software solutions provide a comprehensive and fully vertically integrated back/front end trading platform.

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