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BP TRADE Software Solutions

  • Take trading to the Next Level with our trading tools.

  • Maximize your product offerings, broker efficiency and lower your execution costs with our trading platform.

  • Front and Back-End trading solutions.

With over 14 years of experience in the brokerage arena, BP Trade is a software company dedicated to provide full electronic solutions in the finance industry with primary focus in securities trading platforms.

Its software solutions provide a comprehensive and fully vertically integrated back/front end trading platform.

  • Brokerage Solutions & TradingPlatform

  • Direct Market Access

  • Institutional Trading

  • Technology


Our market leading platform enables broker-dealers around the globe to utilize powerful multi-asset class order management solutions to support their front and back office trading operations. Through each step of the order life cycle, our superior service and industry insights help firms navigate trading challenges on behalf of their clients


  • Trader grouping across desks and trading locations

  • Internalization, crossing, and grouping capabilities

  • In-trade analytics to measure the performance of live orders versus key benchmarks.


  • Complete order routing capability- pick your route

  • Global network for counterparty brokers, asset managers and venues


T1's global connectivity network facilitates access to the full spectrum of execution destinations across asset classes. Sophisticated strategy builder including ETFs Arbitrage, Basket, Pairs and Spread trading capabilities. Program/Algorithmic trading covering global equities, futures and options


  • Real-time or historical TCA (Transaction Cost Analytics).

  • Risk monitoring tools including client credit limits, slippage monitoring, custom trading alerts and custom order filters

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Brokerage Solutions & TradingPlatform

From account setup to portfolio reporting, our trading platform is designed to provide a seamless integration to suit your client's every need. By using our proprietary order routing system and streaming data components, investors and traders alike are empowered to with all the necessary tools to trade like professionals at one of the industry's lowest ticket charges.

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Direct Market Access

BP Trade its currently in the process of building a proprietary trading technology from the ground up to attract high-capacity active traders and These are the main features you can expect from this platform:

  • A highly customizable trading environment

  • Maximum use of screen space

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Institutional Trading

Flexibility and Service For High-Volume Professionals BPTrade's Institutional offering combines the best trading features of electronic communications networks, alternative trading systems, agency brokerages, and direct access trading platforms. The platform offers streaming market data, multiple-level quotes and Level II OTC pricing, in addition to market news, alerts and intuitive trade order entry modules.

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BPTrade is committed to researching and offering only the strongest, fastest and most reliable trading platform to Advisors, Brokers and Traders. As technology continues to accelerate the pace of trading, we are confident that BPTrade will continue to meet the needs of its clients by providing them with the latest trading tools.

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